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Surf Courses in Tarifa | Surf Fun Tarifa

Surf School in Tarifa

Welcome to our Surf School, Surf Fun Tarifa, located in Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain! Constant waves, many surf spots and the best climate in Europe await you in Tarifa. Our surf school offers everything you need to learn how to catch your first waves, improve your surfing or rent all the equipment to surf!

Why choose us to do your Surf course in Tarifa?

Because Surf Fun Tarifa has as its main objective that you learn Surf safely while having a great time. With our surf lessons in Tarifa you will learn under a methodology based on years of experience. We guarantee that you will learn Surf in a fast and easy way!

Is Tarifa a good place to learn how to surf?

Definitely, yes! Depending on the weather conditions, Tarifa offers different spots to practice and learn surf. Normally waves are suitable to all levels, so if you want to do a surf course in Tarifa or rent a surfboard, Tarifa is a great destination.
To all this, add an average temperature of 20° all year round and a very special atmosphere and in Tarifa you will have found an ideal place to do your surf course.

Easy Waves

Tarifa offers easy waves to learn surf.

Sun (almost) Guaranteed

300+ sunny days, Tarifa is a paradise!

Surf lessons for everyone!

Surf lessons for kids and adults.

Easy to reach

Tarifa is quite close to few airports!

  • beginners surf courses tarifa

    Surf Courses

    We have surf courses in Tarifa suitable for all levels. With our methodology, learning to surf is quick and easy. If you visit Tarifa and surf is something you would like to try, don't miss the opportunity and get in touch with us!

  • advanced surf courses tarifa

    Advanced Surf Courses

    If you have already done a surf course before and want to improve your technique or learn new tricks, our advanced surf courses in Tarifa is what you are looking for. Get in touch with us and book your course!

  • children surf courses tarifa

    Surf lessons for kids

    Do you want your little one to learn surf in a safe and fun way? We offer surf courses adapted for children. Do you want to take a surf course with your little one? In our surf courses we can teach you at the same time!

Come and enjoy your surf course with Surf Fun Tarifa. We adapt to all levels! Group, semi-private and private surf courses in Tarifa.
Good waves and you didn´t bring your surf gear? Get in touch with us, we have everything you need! Surfboards rentals and wetsuits in Tarifa.

Ready to take your surf lessons in Tarifa?

Our surf courses include all the gear and insurances.
Limited places, book your surf course with Surf Fun Tarifa!

What to expect in your Surf course in Tarifa with us?

At Surf Fun Tarifa, all our surf courses...

Offers qualified surf instructors who speaks different languages. We offer you the possibility of receiving your surf lesson in a group or privately.
If it is your first time surfing, you will begin by learning to assess the weather conditions, so you are ready when you go alone. After this, you will learn the positions on the board, to row and the balance points. Finally, you will learn how to get up on the board quickly and easily!
If you already have some experience, and are able to surf foams, the next step is to get into the waves. You will learn techniques to pass the wave breaker in the most efficient way and after this, you will improve your surfing by learning where to turn on the wave and its power zones. Learning to surf in Tarifa is very easy!

surf waves tarifa

Surf and Tarifa

Surfing and Tarifa go hand in hand. Tarifa offers very good conditions for learning our sport. Normally, we always develop our surf courses at Balneario beach, which is located directly in town and mostly everyday offers nice conditions for you to learn surfing in a fast, safe and fun way. Just contact us and go surfing!!
surf course tarifa

Surf courses in Tarifa

In our surf courses in Tarifa we use a simple methodology so that you learn surfing while having fun. If you are a beginner the goal will be to stand up on the board and catch your first small waves! If you have had already some experience and you have not been able to get up, we will teach you the correct technique to do it!
surf gear rental tarifa

Surf board rentals in Tarifa

At Surf Fun Tarifa we have all the necessary gear for surfing to rent. We offer different surfboards as well as wetsuits.
If you come to Tarifa without equipment and you want to surf, or if after your surf course you want more time to keep practicing, you can rent all the Surf equipment at the best price!

Prices of our Surf Courses in Tarifa

What is included in our courses?

Everything. All the necessary equipment, certified instructors, RC / accidents insurance and lots of fun!

Our prices for Surf courses in Tarifa

Participants Days Hours Price per person
+ 3 Persons 1 2h 50€
2 persons 1 2h 60€
1 Person 1 2h 80€

F.A.Q before a Surf Course

Can anyone learn surfing?
Yes, of course! Surfing is a sport accessible to everyone.. From children to grandpas can start surfing.
Do you need previous experience before taking a surf course?
No, our Surf courses are adapted to the level of the participants. In case you do not have experience, you will start from the basic level. On the other hand, if you already have experience, you can continue progressing with our courses or simply rent your Surf equipment and go enjoy on your own.
How long does it take to learn Surf?
Depends ... Being able to get up on the board usually takes most people about a day of course.
What to bring to a Surf course?
It is very important to bring sunscreen, water and want to have fun, the rest is up to us.
What is the best season to learn Surf in Tarifa?
Anytime. Our climate is usually pleasant all year round and there are usually good conditions to get you started.
Does it take a lot of strength to surf?
No, to start surfing it is not necessary. First steps in surfing are simple and done in a progressive way.
What age ranges are suitable for a surf course?
From very young to very old. We adapt to the participants and their abilities.
How can I pay for my surf course?
Cash, card, transfer, Crypto (Bitcoin / Ethereum)... As best suits you!
What is the best surf school in Tarifa?
In Tarifa there are several surf schools. The best thing to do before decide your surf school is to see what gear they have, if their instructors are qualified / accredited and if the service they offer suits your needs.

What Surf Fun Tarifa customers says about us...

Carla and Rodri were not only exceptional people to have as kite instructors, they were also incredible kite surfers and absolute professionals when it came to learning the sport. Three of us went, two starting from zero, and we progressed incredibly, surprising even ourselves, and how quickly they imbedded the techniques and safety measures that are in place. They were positive, motivational and seemed genuinely happy when one of us got up or took the next step in the progression. We absolutely loved it, and a major part of that was both of them being friendly, professional and incredible kite surfers. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do kite surf in Tarifa!

Couldn't imagine a better school. My 11 years old daughter was delighted, all day smiling during and after the lessons. Private lessons for kids with all the attention from the teacher. No need to share with other kids.
Carla is amazing, won't rest until the child gets it. She even asks for more time, her patience is incredible! Not all days you can receive lessons from the Strapless World Champion.

Amazing experience with these guys...felt super safe at all times and was given loads of one to one attention...progressed really well in just a few hours. good value for money ...but foremost had a really fun time.

Took a 2h private course and was amazing. I already have had some lessons before and with them was just great. Improved step by step my mistakes and got to improve a lot. Super recommended.

We took 20h courses from 0 and couldnt be happier with Carla. Super professional and friendly, we surely will come back! Excellent comunication and organization with Rodri. Thank you both, we loved it!

Great professionals, always attending every detail, we felt super safe during the whole time. Rodri and Carla and very friendly. We had our first experience with them and progressed massively. We will come back for sure!

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