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Tarifa Surf Spots

Where to go surfing in Tarifa and surroundings

Surf Spots in Tarifa

We have prepared for you a list with the main surf spots in Tarifa as well as webcams!. In this list of spots you will find the closest surfing spots to Tarifa and a small map.
But before that, just a quick reminder that the best dates to surf in Tarifa are from September to May. This does not mean that there are no waves in summer, simply that they will surely be smaller waves and the swell is not that consistent.
Remember that if what you are looking for is a surf course in Tarifa, you have come to the right place!

All the photos are made by our friend Manu from Atlas Beach , take a look at his photo gallery!

Surf Spots in Tarifa and surroundings

Balneario Surf Spot

balneario surf tarifa

It is the main surfspot in Tarifa as it is located 5 minutes from the town center. It is usually a spot for beginners or intermediates and during the summer season it is the only allowed area for surfing in Tarifa!
Wave is usually short-break and right handed. It works best with medium tides. You have bars in front of the spot and parking areas. Take a look at the webcam!

Arte Vida / Hurricane Surf Spot

arte vida surf tarifa

It is a very easy surfspot for surfing and usually it is better covered from the wind than other spots. Works well for beginners, but be careful at the right side as there are rocks at the bottom.
Wave is usually right handed and depends a lot on the tides. It is best to go at mid-tide. You have bars in front of the spot and parking areas. Take a look at the webcam!

Valdevaqueros / Punta Paloma Surf Spot

valdevaqueros punta paloma surf

Normally not really a wave spot, but if it works you will find a really nice and open wave.
It works best at high tides and you have to be careful as the bottom is made of stones. There is parking nearby but you will have to walk for a while!

Palmar Surf Spot

palmar surf

This surf spot is the most famous in the area and is about 45min by car from Tarifa. There are many peaks and it is usually an easy wave, so it is an ideal spot to start, but it is also normally VERY busy!
In summer you can surf, but you will have trouble finding parking! Take a look at the webcam!

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