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Surf course Description:

Surf Fun Tarifa offers Surf courses to suit all levels. Come to do your surfing course to Tarifa and find quality waves and sun all year arround. With our team of instructors you will learn easily and fast how to surf.

beginner surf course Tarifa

Beginners Surf courses in Tarifa:

The goal of this beginner surf course is to stand up over the board, no previous experience is required. If you've had some experience and have not been able to get up we'll teach you the proper technique to do so.

Will learn to:

Assess sea conditions and safety.

We'll show what sea conditions is safe for surfing, also in what part of the beach is safe, streams and everything you need to know before start surfing.

Paddling on the board, positions and balance.

You will learn the different techniques for paddling, which positions you can use and how to find the balance on the board.

How to stand up.

We will tell you the secrets to stand up quickly and easily.

Advanced Surf courses in Tarifa:

The fastest way to improve your surfing level is a course with Surf Fun Tarifa. Your instructors will teach you the best tricks to progress in the direction you want!
The aim of this course is surfing waves properly. This course is for students who already know to get up and are able to pass foams and focus on catching waves without breaking ..

Will learn to:

Paddling and cross small foams.

You will learn new techniques to paddle effectively.

Techniques to pass the breakwater.

We will show you the different ways to go thru waves quickly and safely.

First turns and wave power areas.

You will learn how, where and when to turn.

What's included in our surf courses?

Everything. Qualified instructors, RC / accidents insurance and fun. And if you need a lift, we bring you.


    • 1 Person

    • Per person

      • 80€ / 2h
        120€ / 3h
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    • 2 Persons

    • Per person

      • 60€ / 2h
        90€ / 3h
    • Contact
    • 3 or more

    • Per person

      • 50€ / 2h
        75€ / 3h
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